the Hacker

From Student to Entrepreneur

  • We match students to teams of 3 Founders
  • Teams work on pre-built ideas
  • Mentors join the teams as 4ths members
  • From idea to Startup in 14 weeks

Univation Steps

From Student to Entrepreneur, starting a Student Startup with Univation, in 4 Steps.


Apply Online

Online Apply and Selection process.

Univation Bootcamp

1-Week demo Startup project.

Team & Idea Match

Match to the idea and team.

Idea to Startup

The 14-weeks journey to Startup.

Join a Student Startup

Become one of the 3-student founders of an idea possible to change the world.

  • Business Planning
  • Prototype Development
  • Growth Hacking & Marketing
  • Funding & Go-to-Market